Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Getting better!

I can now run nine miles, - yes nine miles how cool is that?
When I last wrote, I was concerned about eight miles but I managed it.  Now I have mastered nine miles - roll on ten!
 There's something very satisfying when you complete a long run and increase your mileage every week.  I am actually really looking forward to reaching double digits and being able to say I can run 10 miles. For some reason that is a marker in my head. It means I am finally getting there!

Of course the long runs are tough the last few miles of that nine mile run was hard. I could feel my muscles burning, but thanks to good support from the group I got there.
It really is a mind over matter you have to just try and keep going, and not think too much about it.
The feel good factor is worth it in the end! I keep telling myself that anyway- although whether I will be that positive when I reach 18 miles, I don't know.  I just keeping telling myself it will be over soon and I will have mastered that distance. I think the trick is not to think about it too much and focus on something else, like making it to the next pole or the next marker, and from there to the next one.
The marathon is only 16 weeks away now that is how close it is - only another 16 weeks and I will have ran my first marathon. Scary or what?!

I have also conquered the dreaded Barrow Hill, well almost anyway.
I had heard about it from many people over the last few weeks but this was my first time facing it and yes, it is high and tough, but I nearly managed to run all the way up - quite proud of myself really and next time I will.
And the best  part is when you actually do run up it, you have the come back down now that is joy!

I am still complaining about getting up at 7am for long runs. It's still too early, but apparently you must train as if it is marathon day itself which is why we must get up at the terrible hour of 7am to eat breakfast in time for our 9am marathon. I really hope this is worth it!

On the plus side, Saturday night is all about treating yourself - you deserve it after that long run. 
This is definitely the bonus. As is the case for all women, the loss of a few pounds is always a good thing but you can have that pizza or chocolate,  after all you have already burned off the calories. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

I really have incorporated running into my life. I have a family wedding this Saturday and I plan to fit in my long run on Friday so as not to miss it.
God I have changed I am now arranging running around my social life! But I do plan to drink this weekend though there has to be some good things in life!

Roll on 10 miles here I come! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012


It's all about commitment! I had to get up at 7am on Saturday to do a long run last week, 7am on  a Saturday to me is an ungodly hour.  Normally at this time I am going to bed, not getting up running. Of course getting up at 7am meant I couldn't go out Friday night so I was tucked up in bed at 11pm sad!!

Apparently it is best to do your long run as if it is marathon day itself so that is why we must get up at the terrible hour of 7am to eat breakfast in time for our 9am marathon. I really hope this is worth it. I have never got up on a Saturday morning at 7am before - a new experience. 

I fell out of bed, ate my breakfast and off I went to meet my training group for my seven mile run. But actually once we set off, it wasn't all that bad and when I completed the seven miles it was a great feeling. Thrilled with myself that I managed to get up and do the long run. The pace was nice and easy and it was actually not a bad run at all.

But of course I was wrecked Saturday evening, managed to drink a few glasses of wine, eat a pizza and fall into bed. I might actually not be able to go out as I will be too tired from running but on the plus side I can save money and get fit and of course eat pizza. I burned it off on the long run.

I have been keeping to the training schedule so far so good!! Last week completed 20 miles in total. I run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings, rest Friday, long run Saturday and rest Sunday - a hectic  week but its all about building up the miles.

Actually although its a commitment having to go every evening I am quite enjoying it. There is a real sense of achievement when you finish but I don't know if I will be saying the same in a few months time.

I'm half way through week three now and I ran 12 miles this week so far and I make sure that even if I can't meet the training group because of work I fit in a run myself - see that shows my commitment.

This weekend it is an eight mile run which will be my longest run ever. I am actually quite excited to see if I can do.

So it begins!

Its official! I have signed up to run the Kerry's Eye Tralee International Marathon on March 16th - which is only 19 weeks away. Yes, just 19 weeks to get myself fit and ready to run the 26.2 mile route. According to the plan I am going to run from  Tralee to Ardfert, out to Fenit via Barrow Golf Club and back into Tralee town for those of  you that know Kerry and for those that don't then all you need to know is its long!

I must be stark raving mad - actually they are the only words I can use. Driving the route is long enough, not to mind running it, but I have committed myself now, and l have begun training.

I will admit I have done a little bit of running before, so  I  am not entirely new to the sport,  but the longest I have ever run to date is 10km which is only 6.2 miles. So the full marathon is only 20 more miles - that's all, just 20 doesn't seem that bad.

Every time I think about it, though, I begin to panic - how am I going to run that distance? It will take me all day. But I'm told training and perseverance will get me there.

Well, we'll see just how true that it.

However, I do have a team behind me in Marcus Howlett, race director for the event, and his Born to Run Club, which has 100 members training for this event so I am not the only foolish person in Tralee - there are 99 others all preparing for their first-ever marathon too.

In my first week of training I completed 19 miles. I'm pretty impressed with myself to be honest. The plan is to run four evenings a week and a long run at the weekend. 

I ran three miles my first night of training, increased that to four the next day and on my third day forced myself out of bed to run in the morning before work as I couldn't meet with the group that night - impressive commitment if I say so myself but the burning question is: Will I keep this commitment?

I did a long run on Friday as I had a hen party at the weekend  completing 6 miles and this is going to increase every single week from now on which means by Christmas I will be able to run 13 miles - I just can't imagine it!

I also got up on Saturday morning to do three miles before a weekend of partying - I think I deserve a medal now!

I have to confession to make here, I am a bit of  social butterfly I like to go out a lot!! I go out at least one night during the week and every weekend so the next few months will be interesting to see if I can combine both.