Thursday, 14 November 2013

I'm back

It’s official - I’m going to do my second marathon on March 16th next year. And just to scare you all, that’s only 16 weeks away from this Sunday!
I sincerely hope I’m fitter than I was when I started running this time last year -  although I’m not so sure about that, having seen how fast those first-timers are moving already. 
I’m kind of regretting cutting down my running during the summer months now, as I see how many people have improved by doing Dublin City Marathon and other runs during the summer. 
I decided not to do so many to concentrate on training for the Ring of Kerry Cycle, and the rest of the time on my social life and holidays! I have done a few runs, so it’s not as if I’m starting from scratch - but still, the thoughts of building back up to the 26.2 miles is daunting from where I am right now. 
I know everyone thinks the second marathon is easier, but I’m not so sure. Last year I had no idea what lay ahead, and how tough the long runs would actually be. This time, I know all about it!
There’s a certain sense of achievement in managing your first eight, nine and ten miles. I’ll never have that back again - so all first-timers, enjoy those milestones. They’re what marathon training is all about. 
Still, I was fairly chuffed with myself last Saturday, when I finished my first eight miles in a long time. I have to say it’s the support of the all the Born to Run members that got me through. 
In my defence, my recent lack of running is also because I’ve been injured with a rotated pelvis for the past four weeks since the Carers 10km run. 
According to my physiotherapist, Miche├íl Lynch - whose patience I definitely push to the limit  - I should be taking more time off. 
But I miss running too much to take that on board - sorry! It’s only when you’re told not to run that you realise how much you love it and you don’t want to miss any more training.
Having tried cycling over the summer and swimming with the Tralee Triathlon club, there is nothing that compares to running. 
The buzz of completing a long run - or even a short one for that matter - just can’t be beaten. 
When I come back in the evening after a run, I feel like I’ve achieved something even if it was just a three-miler. 
The eight miles were tough enough, as my longest prior to that had been four, but I took it nice and easy and managed it somehow, and thankfully we had no rain. 
I did struggle for the last two miles but all in all it wasn’t as bad as I expected. 
The Born to Run group has definitely expanded since last year, which is fantastic to see, and I’m in fact quite jealous of the first-timers who will get to cross that line for the first time in March. 
I’m also going to try to cross it again, and just because I did it once doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to do again. 
I’m actually quite nervous about what lies ahead, particularly because I’ve missed training in recent weeks, and also, I still can’t imagine running 16, 18, and 20 miles again.  
Oh God! The thought of it is enough ! Last January and February was the last time I did that sort of mileage. 
This week, the training target is nine miles. Sounds great doesn’t it? Nine miles! 
See - that’s why we do it, just be able to say next Saturday, I ran nine miles. It’ll be worth it all. 
Won’t it?