Friday, 21 February 2014

Keep on believing!

I’m back in action! My last few blogs have been a bit depressing and I was finding it tough to gear myself up for another marathon. But after a fantastic 15 mile run I remembered why I signed up for this madness! 
Since I joined the Born to Run club last year my whole life has changed and for the better and I know I can do any challenge I want to. 
26.2 miles is tough - but it can be done. And the only way really is to believe in yourself. I had forgotten that for a while - there will always be bad runs when it seems like you are not making progress, but you are, as every run means you are putting in the miles and getting fitter. 
It doesn’t matter if the 12 miles was tough or the 14 miles, every run is different and will stand to you. 
Maybe my fitness has improved in recent weeks as I found the 15 mile run relatively okay. I won’t say its was great - 15 miles is still 15 miles - but it wasn’t that bad. 
Not even Barrow could beat me and I made it up, slowly and surely. I always find the route from Barrow to Fenit long but this flew by as well, and while I was tired when I made it back to the Oyster Tavern, I think I could have managed a few more miles. 
The 16 miler was a little tougher. I did this on Friday evening after work as I wanted to take the weekend off and enjoy an alcoholic drink for a change. 
Once upon a time I was out every weekend - now it’s a rare occasion and one that must fit in around my training. So off I set on Friday evening so as to make sure I did my run too - that’s dedication for you! 
I actually missed running the route. As it was in Tralee it was obviously flatter but tragically I can’t say this made it easier. The first 12 miles were fine and I felt comfortable but 12 is my limit it seems, as I had to pull myself through the last four miles.
A fall at mile 6 also didn’t help and nearly resulted in an injury when I put my hands out to save myself and jerked my shoulder. 
Still feeling the effects of it, but I am hoping it is nothing serious. It’s not stopping me training - so that’s what counts.  
We included the last few miles of the marathon into our Tralee route and I am not at all taken with the ‘skinny mile’ as it has become known, from Mounthawk to Rock Street. It is the longest mile ever.  
I hear the conditions for the Saturday morning runners was tough, so fair dues to everyone who completed it in the wind and the rain. I had it easier and still found it tough.  
This weekend is only 12 miles so I am super excited as it is not a real long run. Imagine - 12 miles can now be considered a short run! 
We’re doing the 10 mile Valentine’s Route so I am looking forward to running that in advance. However, it has to be said I am not looking forward to The Kerries. Those few miles last year in the marathon were so tough that I have pretty much written The Kerries out of existence and I refuse to go there, unless absolutely necessary. 
I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not keep looking at my times anymore and just enjoy my training. 
Once I finish, I finish - but I had to have a sneak peek at last year’s 15 mile and 16 mile run and I’m on average 15 minutes faster than this time last year, which is a result. It may not translate on the day of the race but fingers crossed it will. 
Our next long run is 18 miles and then the Valentine’s 10 mile Road Race and a 21 miler and its time to taper down. 
That’s all that is left in our training programme and already I am having withdrawals. 
It has gone so fast this year it’s unbelievable. But it’s also exciting that in a short few weeks I will have another marathon under my belt. 

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